Band for prom

The band is the basis of the prom

Live music is the basis of every good ball. Your prom without a band would be boring and empty. Just like without a moderator. In short, there are things that are indispensable and the band is one of them! Aura has years of experience with music for graduates, graduates , or in short, balls of all kinds.

Aura is a lively band that reflects all musical genres and styles. He plays world and Czech songs with energy. Thanks to the wireless equipment, we can run among people and have fun!

Don’t want to waste time arranging a sound engineer? We will arrange everything for you. We have our sound engineers, with whom we work regularly and for a long time. So we have a better price than you. This will eliminate additional worries and nerves.

The prom with the band Aura can be in the spirit of fast and energetic songs that will lift everyone off their chairs, as well as polka, waltzes, rhythm and blues, pop and other styles. Everything is in agreement. We play music from the 50’s to modern performers such as: Eda Sheeran, pharrell williams, Robbie Williams, Red Hot Chili Peppers and others.

What to look out for when choosing a band for the prom?

When choosing a band to graduate from, do not forget to look at the band’s repertoire and references . Some bands just don’t see you live, as they play mostly corporate and private events. In that case, at least look at the audio and video samples. If you can’t find anything from the band’s website, there’s something wrong with us.

Jumping shoes as a midnight surprise for the ball

Spice up your ball with a breathtaking show on jumping shoes. Not only will guests see dangerous somersaults, but there is also the opportunity to rehearse a themed scene.


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