FAQ – What is good to know for the preparation of the band

Here you can read the most frequently asked questions and answers. We summarize all important information and requirements in the information email.

How much space does the band Aura take?

The play area must be at least 4m x 4m large, dry and protected from water. In the case of outdoor play, it is necessary to roof, cover the simplicity from three sides and ideally a carpet or podium. A paved and flat surface is absolutely necessary, so we cannot climb on slopes, gravel or grass. The ideal surface is wood or tiles.
In the case of a smaller space, it is sometimes possible to invent it differently. It will be better to call or send a photo of the place.
Do you have any questions? You’d better contact us.

What power supply is needed?

All we need is one 230V socket near the stage or the place where the band will play. 380V is not needed. We have minimal consumption, so there is no risk of network congestion.

Do you use lighting?

We carry with us a basic set of colored PAR lighting + a small laser.
For an additional CZK 1,000, we will expand the lighting with another large LED for a larger show.

DJ afterparty for the band Aura. Steam and laser are also available.

Is it possible to buy an hour of playing on the spot?

Yes, every additional hour can be purchased upon agreement on the spot, according to the mood of the guests. see price list by e-mail.

Is it possible to adjust the length of sets?

Yes, sure. The length of the sets is first about 30 minutes and then it changes (stretches) according to the current dance mood of the guests. So, we don’t finish exactly after 30 minutes if the floor is full, but we add songs and move the pause.

This is our standard procedure, in any case according to your program, e.g. We will completely adapt to wedding games and other nipples.

It is good to realize that breaks are not only for musicians, but also for guests who can chat in peace and after a break, they prefer to return to the floor.

What do the breaks of the band Aura look like?

At your request, we can play reproduced music during the Aura band’s breaks, or they will be filled with another guest program. For example, wedding games, raffles and the like.

Is it possible to agree on the choice of our preferred repertoire?

Yes, our repertoire is regularly updated on our website in the REPERTORY section. You can write us a list of songs and genres that you prefer. Or select songs you don’t want to hear.

However, take into account that what you do not like can be requested by one of the guests. And paradoxically, it can be the most successful.

If you leave us free, we will play our tried and tested cross-generations. Over the years, we already know which songs generally work at weddings and which at other events.

When and how much is the deposit paid? Cash?
We accept the payment on the spot in cash after the set. We do not require a deposit. We take an e-mail order as a written agreement to perform the work.


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