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Kapela Liberec - Aura

Band Aura Liberec – Hits from the 50’s to the present. We offer a wide range from The Beatles , Queen , Elvis , Olympic … to the modern scene like: Robbie Williams , Red Hot Chili Peppers , Pharrell Williams

Wedding band Liberec

The band for the Liberec – Aura wedding will adjust the repertoire according to the type of event. There are several generations at weddings at the same time, and we can go against that with a selection of songs.
We have a lot of performers in our repertoire that all generations generally like.
Moderation of wedding games, such as a wedding carriage, lifting shoes, getting to know the newlyweds by dance or body parts, balloon game, treasure hunt and much more.
We have many years of experience with wedding game moderations and we will be happy to arrange them at your wedding.

When everyone has to and kadibudky there are only two … Or a wedding in nature definitely has its charm. 🙂

Jumping shoes at your wedding – Unexplored variety

Spice up your wedding with a breathtaking show on jumping shoes. Not only will the wedding guests see dangerous somersaults, but there is also the opportunity to rehearse a funny scene “how the newlyweds met”.
The workshop will entertain small and large downtime

Liberec Ball Band

Are you looking for an energetic young band for your ball that will not be afraid to run into people or jump directly into them? Then there’s the band Aura from Liberec!

We specialize in balls . We play everything, we don’t let anything go! Wireless systems allow you to add “something extra” to your performance. We emphasize the most accurate study of the chosen repertoire. We also offer moderation in English and basic moderation in German. We have been on the market since 2009, we can boast great references.

We play music from the 60’s to the present. All generations will enjoy themselves, from the Beatles and Elvis lovers to the modern music scene. We will include all the desired musical styles and genres such as: polka, waltzes, jive, cha cha, rumba, rock and roll, pop, rock, rhythm and blues and more …

Action sound system – Aura sound engineer

The band Aura will sound most of the events themselves , so you don’t have to worry about sound engineers.
However, if it is a bigger ball, you definitely need a sound engineer or an illuminator for a bigger show.

Don’t want to deal with sound engineers? We will arrange everything for you. We work with our sound engineers and thus we have better loyalty prices. Just tell us the place, date and time from when to when the sound engineer must be present. Whether it sounds to us or afterparty DJ program …

Voyage in the people and David Fajmon from the band Aura – a band from Liberec

Do I dance different types of dances?

Rock and Roll, Rock, Polky Waltzes, Rhythm & blues, Pop, Jive and more .. Every listener and dancer will come to their own.


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