Three is more than five!

Samohrajky vs. live music

The band Aura does not release any artificial data and not from the keyboard at all ! It’s a mess that’s getting bigger. Acknowledge yourself. Isn’t it weird that the keyboardist plays bass, drums, winds, guitar and more from his instrument? Qualitatively, these artificial underdrawings cannot be compared to real instrument sounds. That’s why it’s worth it for us to deal with heavy machines and cumbersome drums and the like.

If you order live music for your event, I probably want to hear and see real musicians and not mid-airers. In that case, DJ is definitely a better choice.

It may seem that more members of the band will make better music and shows than just a three-member band. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. It is necessary to realize that we are musicians who have been playing our instrument for at least 15 years and we are constantly investing in education , even with important foreign lecturers, thanks to the modern possibilities of video chatting.

We spend a lot of time playing the instrument. We offer these acquired skills at weddings, balls, corporate events and the like. In addition, all three also sing , and overall we enliven the power of the songs with the other voices.

Compare these five-member bands and the three-member band Aura

Aura Band

Three is not the same as three!

The biggest mess is duos or even whole bands, which just sing and play all the music. But the big problem is that they don’t get the original audio recording of the songs, so they have karaoke backgrounds in appalling midi quality, which evoke a terrifying impression of art.

The band Aura offers 3 musicians who really play and control their instruments . All three also sing.

Compare these three-piece bands and admit they are not the same.

Aura Band


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