Wedding band

Are you looking for a wedding band? The band Aura will appeal to all wedding guests across generations. We know from experience that a live band is the best choice for a wedding. We will feel the mood and age average of the wedding guests and adjust the repertoire accordingly.

The band Aura has been playing at weddings since 2009 and is at home at the wedding party. When needed, he can be an inconspicuous backstage in the background. But most of the time he lifts all the wedding guests out of their chairs.

A super wedding band should play music of more genres. It is important to realize that there will be great-grandmothers, grandmothers, aunts, granddaughters, daughters and so on at the wedding party. The band must reach all these generations.
That is why we also offer the ” Chamber Aura

Solo for newlyweds

Do you have your favorite song? Or would you like to hear a song you met? If we don’t have it in their repertoire, the Liberec band Aura will study it and play it.

Guitarist at a wedding ceremony

The piano and organ are already clichés during the ceremony. The solo guitarist or the whole band will be happy to play even a wedding march. Samples HERE .

Where our band plays

The wedding band Aura is from Liberec, but she is also used to performing at events in Prague and the surrounding area, which can be reached within a reasonable time.

The most common locations where you can see the band: Liberec, Jablonec nad Nisou, Chrastava, Turnov, Hrádek nad Nisou and Prague. We also played nice weddings at the Sychrov chateau. look at what you need to arrange for the wedding , or how you can diversify your event fun items from our rental shop.


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