Members of the band Aura



An enthusiastic guitarist, singer and manager of the Aura group, who is constantly brimming with energy. He tries to distribute this to everyone involved. He improves his technique of playing and singing with renowned experts.

He also devotes himself to authorial work, which you can find HERE

It offers guitar lessons for Liberec and its surroundings at:
Playing at ceremonies:
Moderation of balls, wedding games …



A very talented Liberec drummer. His talents, diligence and many hours of training raise the overall level of the band Aura.

He succeeded in the admission procedure to the Conservatory of Music in Prague, however, he decided not to attend it with the words: “I don’t want music to be my duty, just a hobby.”
The band deals with song arrangements, melodic and rhythmic details. He gives people their aura in other voices.

He also plays: piano.



An experienced and extremely reliable bass player who precisely learns compositions from notes and tablatures ordered from America. He is satisfied only after the exact study of the song to the last bar. He adds second voices to the songs.

He joined the band after his former collaboration with David and Aleš in the band Bonba. After Bonby’s break-up, it didn’t take long to separate, and the band Aura got a great bass player, who excels not only with their specific sharp and specific clear bass sound, but also with the so-called slap bass technique, which Daniel works intensively on. That’s why you have to listen to it live!

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