Solo guitarist

Are you looking for a musical coloring of a guitar or singing for your corporate or private events?

Private or corporate events

  • Solo performance of a singing guitarist.
  • Background music.
  • Chamber guitar playing.

Banquets, corporate parties, family celebrations

You want your promotion, corporate parties, family celebrations and more. gently accompanied by music that adds a different dimension to the event, but at the same time does not disturb the spoken word?

  • Playing in hotels to make the atmosphere more pleasant.
  • Chamber guitar playing at: tastings, banquets, opening events.
  • Guitar accompaniment at openings, exhibitions.
  • Offer performances by a solo guitarist at castles and chateaux.
    Guitar playing is an integral part of castles and chateaux. When he was at the end of the baroque 5. string union replaced by six individual strings as we know it today, the popularity of the guitar has greatly expanded. Many guitar songs were created during the Baroque period.

Are you looking for a guitarist who will play at your event?

In that case, do not hesitate to contact and let your guitar resound!

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