Who we are

Music of many genres

The band Aura specializes in weddings , proms, corporate parties , Christmas parties, city festivities, festivals and more.

Wireless systems allow you to add ” something extra ” to your performance
We emphasize the most accurate study of the chosen repertoire .

The pronunciation of English texts is not neglected.
We also offer moderation in English and basic moderation in German.

We have been on the market since 2009 , during which time we have gained a lot of experience.
We are repeatedly invited by large companies and we can boast great references .

We play music from the 60’s to the present . All generations will enjoy themselves, from the Beatles and Elvis lovers to the modern music scene .
We will include all the desired musical styles and genres such as: polka, waltzes, jive, cha cha, rumba, rock and roll, pop, rock, rhythm and blues and more …

What can we offer you?
Complete coverage of your event, from the band’s offer, moderation, playing at ceremonies , sounding the ceremony, DJ, lending fun ” toys ” to diversify your events:
jumping shoes, pogo sticks, mini bikes, seagway, slackline and more. Make your event unusual and fun for your guests!
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Instagram: Kapela_Aura

Presentation video

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Our audio samples

Listen to our playlist

Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Blues cover
Michael Jackson Billie Jean cover
Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here cover

Concert Aura

It is suitable for graduation and other balls, weddings, city celebrations and all parties where it is necessary to start it properly. Also suitable for bikers and lovers of roaring rock and rock ‘n’ roll. Watch a video demo

Chamber Aura

Are you looking for music as a backdrop for your event, in order not to disturb too much spoken word? Chamber Aura is the right choice for you! The drummer plays a percussion drum called Cajón. This allows you to increase or decrease the volume of the entire band, according to the customer’s needs. Watch a video demo

Music for the ceremony

We will accompany your big day musically and create a wonderful atmosphere for your ceremony. The accompaniment is composed of classical and popular songs. Songs to your liking are a matter of course. Watch a video demo

DJ at the wedding

The advantage of DJ within the production of Aura is that immediately after the end of the band’s performance, DJ David will connect to the prepared equipment of the band. There is no delay between the band’s packaging and the arrival of Dj. The entertainment can continue in full swing and will not allow guests to fall asleep. Additionally, you do not pay shipping to another DJ.

Our references

Who we played for

  • Wedding to Heřmánek - Tuláček's farm
    Thank you very much again for the music at our wedding, it was perfect, you are a great band !!! 🙂 We will be happy to come to your club, for example, when you give a concert.
  • Wedding to the Cross - Libocký Dvůr Prague
    We would like to thank you for last night, you played really well and everyone enjoyed it very much!
  • Wedding to Kalčicov - Cottage Tesanka Bedřichov
    The band Aura played for us at the wedding and created a great atmosphere. We were completely satisfied with the band as well as our wedding guests. We really liked the band's festive clothes and we appreciated not only the great music, but also the great attitude and willingness. They went out of their way to meet us. Poor Mr. Fajmon, who also played our guitar at the ceremony, had to endure a freezing 6 ° C and not only did he manage it without a single complaint, he managed it with a smile on his face. Thanks again to the band for everything. We definitely recommend 🙂
  • Masselem's birthday party - Parkhotel Smržovka
    You fulfilled our ideas to the letter and we were very satisfied again. With a selection of songs, commitment and how you enjoy playing. Everyone enjoyed your music, you played great! We have a very pleasant memory for the celebration and the only thing I'm sorry about is that we didn't take a picture together. 🙂 See you soon and heard 🙂
  • Veterans' Ride, z. with. Jan Teply, Petr Ondracek - Raspenava
    On behalf of the entire Veterans Ride association, we would like to thank you for the cultural introduction in the form of your performance. Without it, our event would not have such a character and according to the positive feedback from all participants, we believe that the music genre was very well chosen and illustrated the overall atmosphere of the event.<br><br /> We are glad that you were our partners and in case of your interest we would like to cooperate with you in the next years as well.
  • Olga Lounová
    In 2016, the band Aura had the honor of accompanying the well-known popular singer Olga Lounová on the occasion of a benefit concert for the non-profit organization Tyfloservis, which celebrated 25 years since its founding.
  • Wedding to Tarant - Kamenický Šenov
    I wanted to thank you very much, you are absolutely divine !! Everyone told me today that you had no mistake at all. 🙂 I didn't even have time to thank yesterday for rehearsing the songs for the ceremony. That was unreal! And the Baroque made everyone cry: D Well, we're just so glad we chose you.
  • Wedding to Kutak - Modry Mlyn
    The band Aura played at our wedding in Modrý mlýn in August 2018. It was a great deal with Mr. Fajmon. From the wide repertoire, it was not a problem to choose songs that stimulated entertainment not only among young people, but also delighted the ears of those born earlier. The bride saw her parents dancing for the first time! J We recommend the band Aura not only for their professionalism and pleasant performance, but mainly for the quality of their production, where not only the wedding guests but also our other wedding service suppliers have been collecting and collecting contacts from the band. Good luck, thank you!
  • graduation ball Gymnázium FXŠaldy, KD Vratislavice 101010
    I would like to offer you again on behalf of the entire graduation class 6N, whose graduation ball took place on the 15th. December in Vratislavice, thank you countless times for the beautiful accompaniment throughout the evening! You played wonderfully and everyone who was on the dance floor enjoyed your playing from the first to the very last song. And once again thank you for the escort even during the midnight surprise, it was also a great success! We wish you a lot of success and performances in the new year and a peaceful experience of the last days of the current one!<br><br /> Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas!<br><br /> Best regards for 6N,<br><br /> Veronika Pavlíková

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