Ball band

Ball band? This is Aura from Liberec

A great ball can hardly be held without a quality ball band. The three-member band Aura can kick your prom, presentation ball, company or other ball and give it energy live without playback or other electronic materials.

The band to the prom Aura accompanies the guests of the ball throughout the evening and takes care of the fun during it. In the band’s repertoire you would find songs for all ages, so that the music entertains both young and older guests.

Band for the prom
Aura is from Liberec, but it usually performs throughout the Czech Republic, plus a transport fee of CZK 10 / km. We usually play in Prague, in the Pardubice region but also in the Vysočina region.

Live music for the ball
We play for balls of schools, grammar schools, masquerade or themed balls, municipal balls. In the repertoire of the Liberec ball band Aura you will find songs of ballroom dances: waltz, waltz, polka, blues, slow-fox, but also rumba, cha-chu, samba and jive. Contemporary dance music will ensure that absolutely everyone can shake it on the dance floor. Even the one who did not excel in dance, or was not there at all. Live music for a dance ball – this is Aura Liberec!

Contact with people

Thanks to investing in wireless systems, we are not tethered to the speakers and we run among people to create a great atmosphere. So we offer an above- standard show! Jumps from the podium, somersaults, handstands.
Another advantage of the band is the spontaneous commenting of current events at the prom or other ball, moderation, jokes and the overall completion of the atmosphere and the flow of fun. The advantage is undoubtedly the lower price compared to orchestras or larger ball bands.


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